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Why Can't I See My Online Courses?

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You will only be able to see courses in which you are enrolled when you log into Canvas. If you received an enrollment verification when you enrolled, indicating that your course is in Canvas and it is not accessible, please contact your instructor and let them know you cannot see the course. If you do not remember the instructor’s name, check the MyShasta course schedule. Also, verify your course schedule in MyShasta and make sure you are enrolled in the course. If you do not see the course listed in MyShasta, contact the Shasta College Office of Admissions and Records; there may be a confusion with your enrollment status.

If the course is already concluded, the course will appear in the course history in the All Courses menu. If the course does not display in the All Courses menu under "Past Courses" the teacher has effectively "hidden" the course from student view: this is a feature that only the faculty control. If you have any concerns regarding course availability in Canvas after they have concluded, your best resource will be to reach out to your instructor for that course.

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